Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bangalore burns!!

Dr. Rajkumar's death created a major outburst of emotions in Bangalore today. We got the news in office at about 3:00 PM and soon everyone was rushing home. Tomorrow was declared an off and suddenly Bangalore turned into a ghost city.

There were rumour mills turning rounds and there was actual violence in terms of pelting stones, burning buses and cars. I wonder is this a way to pay homage to someone we love and respect (as per the argument given by some.) Soon, there was a cerfew situation and not even a road side paan shop or a grocery shop was open let alone food bazaars and worlds of the city.

I wonder is this is the image Bangalore wants to portray to the whole world. Its been called a hitec hub, cosmopolitan and what not. It all boils down to events like these which can tarnish the image of the otherwise peaceful city.

Update: 13th was a day full of violence and hoodigans all across Bangalore. Stones pelted, buses burned, policemen thrashed, the list is a long one. 95% of IT and BPO offices were shut down and the loss is estimated at 160 million USD.


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