Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Rinikka, our daughter has been the focus of our attention for the last 4+ years. I am using the term "4+" because that is how she is telling her age now "Dad, I am 4+ years old". I don't know honestly where these 4+ years have gone but they have been so much of fun.

It is so enduring to see her grow, ask questions, make faces, love, kiss, fight, get angry. I am go on and on with the numbers of emotions she comes up with everyday but that is not the point. The point is that I feel I am not spending enough time with her these days, and by her I don't mean only Rinikka but my wife as well. The reason for not spending time is the kind of attention my job is taking over my personal life, it sounds so lame when I write this but somewhere the age is also adding up to the stress level body can take!

I wish the time could slow down and each passing minute will give me an additional hour to spend with them, I wish I could go with her on holidays more often, I wish I could give her bath, dress her up and cook her breakfast everyday, I wish I could drop and pick her from school everyday, I wish we could go to a park and stroll endlessly. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride them...so damn true!!!

So what can be done?? I think going forward I have decided to do 2 things, one work from home atleast once in a week and try to minimize my time spent on laptop on weekends to 2 hrs each (preferably when she takes the afternoon nap). This is in addition to our unsaid protocol of 2 vacations per year. I am hoping that I am able to meet my expectations and give Rinikka and Trisha what they least deserve.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tampa, Florida!!!

Just landed at Tampa Airport and this is my second visit to Florida state, first one being to Orlando in Nov'09. Exited and looking forward to the trip!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010


WOW, what a week!!!!
continuing from where I left, we (me and Banerjee) reached NYC on Sunday, May-09 from where I left to Wilmington to meet one of our client teams and it was quite an eventful visit. Work accompanied by pleasure is always good, and it was this time as well. I met some amazing colleagues of mine and we had so much fun, with a loads of work and business as well :)
Back from Wilmington to NJ and went to meet one of my long time friend (Vijay, I hope I can call you that) and my boss to see his famous and lavish apartment. Our initial reaction was like WOW...so let me describe his apartment, bang on the Hudson river overlooking at Manhattan on one side and statue of liberty on the other. Another round of drinks and long night chat and back back to NYC.
Now is my last week in the US and I am off to Atlanta tomorrow to meet my family and a week of vacation, can't wait to meet my darlings...babes, here I come...

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

In the US, having fun!!!!

I am currently in the US, off to NYC and laving loads of fun, here is the story so far...
I started my travel on 30-April to Chicago via New York. I was very skeptical as I was travelling Air India for the first time on long haul. I must say Air India did surpised me, pleasently i.e. :) The food was good, the plane was brand new and clean, the hostess were very pleasant etc etc.
I reached Chicago for a 1 week training (management training!!). Yeah, I know what you are thinking but there was another surprise, the training was really GOOD, it was one of very few instances where I came out asking for more :) I met some amazing new people and co-workers. I also met my career counsellor for the first time and that was quite an experience as well. He is a very interesting person and he has influenced me in more than 1 way in those 3 meetings, thanks Raj!
From Chicago, I went to Bloomington to spend the weekend with 3 friends. We had soooo much fun, cooked, boozed around and chatted till late nights. It was like back in my college days and nothing to worry for 2 nights. Thanks Shaleen, Banner, and Gunjan!
I am off to NYC tomorrow and will keep you posted...more to come...

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Friday, March 26, 2010

1st Day @ Nursery School

Day before was my daughter's first day at the nursery school. I am not sure if you've been reading this blog regularly but this is the end of about 6 months of exercise and running around. School selection, filling, submitting application, interactions, lists, lucky draws, fees payment etc etc etc...am so glad it's over and done with!! PHEW!!!
Also, I think we were extremely lucky in the process; our daughter got through all but 2 schools which was a very pleasant surprise and then choosing between the schools was not that difficult. My wife was instrumental in getting all this done, I was not able to give time due to the office chores and she was the one draining herself out. Also, need to thank Shaleen, a friend and a colleague and support and helping us taking the final decision. Thanks bro!
I think now the difficult part begins...I am sure there will be a lot of conversations, controversies, issues, problems in the next 14 yrs of schooling., but as I said earlier one bit is done, another one on the way!!!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My baby Graduates...

from the play school i.e. WOW!!!

I never work a graduation gown EVER, but my 3 yr old daughter already has a photograph in a graduation gown while I am not prepared at all looking at her like that!!! Well, times are changing and time for me to change or bend my rules I guess :(


Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 month old @ Accenture!

I turned 6 months old today in Accenture :) I completed the necessary probation period and got a letter of confirmation. I must say I never realized the pace at which this period ended, the life has been absolutely fast lane in these last 6 months. There were so many changes I encountered, most of them pleasant. I must say that I have made some excellent personal and professional relationships which is one of the best.
Must thank a lot of people, particularly my family for all the support. This job has been very harsh on my family and they have taken a definite toll. My focus going forward will be to make up for all the lost time.

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