Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sneek Peek to Flash 9 (Blaze)

Aral Balkan has a post live from Flash Forward which has a sneek peek review of some of the new features of the Flash 9 (codename Blaze).

For me, one of the revolutionizing features is:

There is a traditional timeline animation of a bug moving around the stage, following a motion path, changing size, alpha, etc. So it’s a complex timeline animation. Select any span of animation, right-click, Copy Motion as ActionScript 3.

So the feature walks the timeline and converts the timeline-based animation into an XML structure using E4X and then copies it to the clipboard. He creates a copy of the first movie clip and then adds the code. The timeline-based animation and the coded animation are identical.

You can also use this animation code into Flex Builder and it will work in Flex.

This is one thing a lot of developers/designers has dreamed of over the years. Other features like import PSD into Flash with layers intact is also worth waiting for.

See the whole post here.


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