Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terrorist Attack: and I feel sick!!

This is crazy, is it that easy to enter our country and create mayhem like this?? There is something terribly wrong in the way policing and intelligence is being managed here. These terrorist just keep on repeating the attacks and we are so sanitized with these that these have become a part of our daily lives.

I hate to say this but this is sick!!! These guys need to be taken to task in the worst sort of manner. I wonder why post 9/11 there has been not a single incidence like this in the US. Are we too scared or are we simply chicken at taking action??

Condolences to the families who got affected by this attack and my salute to all who unfortunately laid their lives just so that we could live!! Am really short of words now.... 

Updates 11/29: It got over today morning. Salute to all the security forces who killed the bastards. Condolences to the family of the deceased.



At 8:12 PM , Blogger Manmohan said...

we are nie4ther scared or coward,but all this is happening because we are personality worshipper,what ever the so called leaders of society say that is final,we donot possess such will to express it is that we are feeling so much for the heros tomorrow the hero will be sensex.time has come we must take some firm resolution,jago india jago

At 6:42 PM , Blogger John said...

Dost I totally agree with you. We need some thing like Quit India Movement. Time for a clean India.
Am ready to give all my support.


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