Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flash Creators leave Adobe

It came as a rude shock when I recently found out that the two creators of Flash (Jonathan Gay and Robert Tatsumi) have left Adobe. These are the guys who actually created Future Splash, which went on to become Flash. They also took with them the creator of ActionScript and Flash virtual machine Gary Grossman. Gary was one of the primary architects responsible for shaping the Flash Player into what it is today.

Apparently, these 3 guys have teamed up with ex-Macromedia VP of Engineering, Peter Santangeli, to start a new company called Software as Art. We can only wait and watch for things to come out of the stable.

Speculation is, there were some disagreements about where Flash was heading (after being taken under the wings of the Creative Suite). As I said, it’s all speculation, but none-the-less, its a sad day when any key figures leave a company.


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