Thursday, December 04, 2008

Angry, Disturbed, Disgusted: My emotions!

It's been over 3 days since the Mumbai Mayhem ended and it's been 2 days since our very dear politicians have started doing what they are best at: Barking!!

I read a placard in one of the peace marches yesterday "The politicians speak and divide us, the terrorists fire and unite us" true, I mean the least these idiots can do at this time is shut their f***ing mouths and sympathise. NO WAY!!!

Their insulated and inflated egos make them speak in patronising tones to a martyr's father. They make fun of a multitude of mourners. They make light of a calamity that has not only claimed lives but scarred whole families. They continue to show the world that if there is one are India exceeds everyone else is the lack of brains, heart and all the vital organs in our political system.

What we need as someone rightly said is another no-cooperation or a Quit-India movement here. We need to show these idiots that we don't need lame donkeys to sit on their asses and keep gulping my (taxpayers) money to feed themselves and their dogs (actually, am still ok feeding their dogs!!)

I am angry, disgusted, and disturbed. 

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At 2:40 PM , Blogger nitin goyal said...

i am totally agree with u sir..

now the time has arrived that something devious need to be done..

Enough is Enough!!

At 4:55 PM , Blogger Madhur said...

Felt so good to watch you & your success. Wish u all the best

MAdhur Gupta


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