Sunday, January 21, 2007

Never fly Deccan!!

Air Deccan really sucks!!! I took a flight yesterday from Bangalore which was supposed to leave at 4:20 PM. It got delayed endlessly and finally departed at 9:00 PM. I was supposed to reach Delhi at 7:00 PM and reached 1:00 AM in the night. WTF!!

To top it, Bangalore airport was a mess. It took me 40 min. to give my baggage for check-in and another 1 hr. for security check. Airport was worse than a rickshaw stand forget the railway station. I really wonder if this is the IT hub which India wants to portray to the world.

Update: Surprisingly my flight back was on, rather before time. Left Delhi at 5:45 AM and landed bangalore at 8:10 AM.

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