Friday, October 12, 2007

Updates!! or lack of it

It's been some time since I last updated my blog. Couple of friends recently asked me what happened, and well to simply put it, I've been a lazy bum. I am not at all proud of that, but thatz that.

Anyways, some updates, been some 4 months since I relocated back to Delhi. It was high time I did that cause Bangalore was really sucking out the mozo outta me. EEEKKS!!! I see a lot of frowns and eyebrow raised; but the fact remains I did not like that city, not a single bit. True, the city gave me two of my top jobs, last one at Infosys and recent one at IBM. I also make couple of lifelong friends in the city, but nevertheless am happy to be back home.

IBM was kind enough to see my plight and gve me a transfer (phew!!!). So now I commute to gurgaon on the express highway and am in office in no time. Imagine this, my office is like 30 KM from my home and it takes me 35 min. to reach there...AWESOME!!! Its about the same time it took me to reach office in Bangalore which was 5 KM from home.

WOW!! This is turning out to be an anti Bangalore post ;) Trust me, that is not at all intentional.

More updates soon...

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