Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flash CS3 is here!!!!

Just learned from Mike Downey's post that today Adobe announced Creative Suite 3 which includes a huge new release of Flash, Flash CS3 Professional.

This is huge cause now you can actually do AS 3.0 development in Flash. A host of other new features are also listed in the post as well as on Adobe's website. One of my favourite new feature is:

Convert animation to ActionScript
Instantly convert timeline animations into ActionScript 3.0 code that can be easily edited, reused, and leveraged by developers. Copy animations from one object to another.

Read the full post here.

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At 2:41 PM , Blogger Steve said...

Thank you so much for providing this.
I am sure that it will be very helpful for many peoples.


At 12:02 PM , Blogger Abhishek Kapoor said...

You are welcome, Steve.


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