Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oracle University Training at Bangalore

I am in Bangalore these days for a 3 day long (May 11 - May 14) training by Oracle University. I hate to say this but it was a huge disappointment. I had high regards for Oracle University (couple of my friends work there) and thought this would be a great learning experience. Unfortunately, that is exactly what it did NOT turn out to be.
To start off, the training could have easily be over in 1 day flat. It was stretched beyond limits; both the instructor and the training material were designed to discuss and ponder over useless information. The instructor manual was over 300 pages and may I add that it was an absolute waste of human and natural resources. There were topics like "Find and Replace" and "Spell Check" which were discussed at lengths.
The instructor too was a huge disappointment. I think he had never experienced scenario based trainings which is very critical for these kinds of tool based training. He, instead went word by word in the manual and wanted us to behave like "brain dead" students. He was absolutely unwelcoming to the questions and to top it all, inspite of him having worked on the tool for 4 years, he had no clue about a lot of topics like LMS/SCORM implementation. I wonder how they deploy their online trainings at Oracle!!
Lastly, I would like to suggest the Oracle training folks to come to IBM and attend a couple of trainings here. They boast themselves to be the best online training center in the world but they have a long way to go through. I hope they learn fast!!!

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