Saturday, February 09, 2008

Transition: From College to Corporate

I went through a 2 day training at my workplace recently (Building Relationship Versatility) and today I read a nice article on Rediff, and it prompted me to think...and go back in life. I have changed a lot from what I was as a person, an individual from my college days. I was an introvert, very shy and would never dare to initiate a conversation. I was almost scared (well, almost!) to strike a conversation with the opposite sex (blush!!!). Things have changed, and may I add for better...

In the training, I was categirized as a "Driver" or essentially a leader. I am also now seen as an extrovert from people around me (I asked this question recenetly to a group of coworkers). Working in a corporate environment and being successful (or atleast thinking am successful) gives me confidence to approch people, strike a chord and initiate a conversation (and thereby a relationship).
I am pretty confident of the fact that most of us go through these tranitions. Life teaches us a lot and so does our environment, our workplace.
You can read the full article here:

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