Monday, January 07, 2008

Game spirit!! Whatz that mate?

It has always been the case...Australia has always used sledging, unfair umpiring, lying on the field (when asked about a decision) as their area of competence at being cricket successful. So it came as no surprise when Mr. Ricky Asshole Ponting used the same measures to log their 16th consecutive test win.

Everything was done. Umpires on the field were blind, dumb and deaf to hear see the Aussies getting out (Ponting once, Symonds and Clarke twice). They were equipped with extra sensitive equipment when it came to India; they heard the nicks which were not there, saw the catch which was bumped (Benson, u fool, when in doubt consult third umpire not the other captain!!). Even the third umpire acted weird, Symonds foot was up in heavens when Dhoni picked his stumps...but such was the fate of Indians, he was ruled no out.

Sunil Gavaskar raised a valid point. When u know that a player was out earlier in the match and did not walked out (Roy the cheat!!), how can u believe his integrity when he says he's caught someone.

Shame on u Aussies!!! As Kumble rightly said "Only one team played in the spirit of the game."


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