Friday, June 20, 2008

Was not keeping well

I was not well and was hospitalized for about 3 weeks. Been back home now for a week and now and have just about started working.
It all began on the fateful Wednesday (28 May). I was at office working and suddenly I felt a severe headache around 11:00 AM. This is pretty usual and I just popped in a pain killer. After a while I suddenly felt my right side numb and also starting feeling a little drowsy. I shut down immediately and headed home, THAT turned out to be the biggest mistake of all. Instead of driving down 30 km, I should have gone to a hospital near office and consulted a doc there. Anyways, by the time I reached home, I was vomiting heavily and had almost lost consciousness. My blood pressure sky rocketed and headache turned into severe body ache. All this went on for the whole day and some medication did the trick by midnight and I slept. The next 3 days were fine and I was also able to work on Friday, 30 May.
On Sunday night, it happened again around midnight. Started off with severe headache and slowly I lost conscious. I was taken to the hospital of our family doc by the morning and was admitted there. They did all kinda of tests; ECG, EEG, CT Scan, MRI, and what not. Nothing, Absolutely nothing came out of any of it. They concluded that it was Migraine and suggested medication and exercises. Again, by Tuesday, I was again good and was going to be discharged.
On Wednesday (4 June) afternoon, it came back again, and this time it was the severest. Started off again with the headache which turned severe and then I lost consciousness. By this time, my family panicked and they decided to shift e to a "bigger" hospital. I was immediately shifted to "Sir Ganga Ram Hospital" and straight into the ICU. By this time, I had lost orientation and could not even remember my name. This hospital is supposed to have the best Neurologist in India currently, Dr. P.K.Sethi. He is a Padamshree and Honorary doctor to the President. I was lucky to have him as my doc and he started off again with some tests, phew!!!
To cut the post short, I was in ICU for 4 days and then in a normal hospital room for 6 days for the 10 day therapy for the infection. Turned out, it was a bacterial infection which is airborne called the "Herpes Menilegitis" which can get into any part of your body and start infecting the blood. Then when this infected blood travels through the specific part of the body, that part either gets numb or starts paining. In my case, that blood travelled through certain part of my brain and so I got headache and disorientation.I am fine now, out at home working. I will be going for a checkup to the same doc today just to be sure everything is fine and will be joining office by first week of July.
Lastly, Thanks to my family and all my friends who called, prayed and wished for my well being. I guess all those prayers were indeed necessary!!



At 12:46 PM , Blogger eLearning World said...

Abhishek, it is really nice to see you back online! We are all waiting to see you bakc in office as well pretty soon. All the best for your appointment with the doc today and we wish and pray that everything is just fine! See you pretty soon on the lunch tabkl!

At 1:05 PM , Blogger Abhishek Kapoor said...

Thanks a ton, bro! All your wishes really came in handy :)
See you in office soon.


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