Saturday, May 15, 2010


WOW, what a week!!!!
continuing from where I left, we (me and Banerjee) reached NYC on Sunday, May-09 from where I left to Wilmington to meet one of our client teams and it was quite an eventful visit. Work accompanied by pleasure is always good, and it was this time as well. I met some amazing colleagues of mine and we had so much fun, with a loads of work and business as well :)
Back from Wilmington to NJ and went to meet one of my long time friend (Vijay, I hope I can call you that) and my boss to see his famous and lavish apartment. Our initial reaction was like let me describe his apartment, bang on the Hudson river overlooking at Manhattan on one side and statue of liberty on the other. Another round of drinks and long night chat and back back to NYC.
Now is my last week in the US and I am off to Atlanta tomorrow to meet my family and a week of vacation, can't wait to meet my darlings...babes, here I come...

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