Monday, March 23, 2009

Out on the streets of NYC!

I really don't know how to start off with this post but I want to share with you all what has been one of the most memorable weekend of my entire life!! We were off to New York this entire weekend and man, it was fun!!!
Me, Debashish, and Upinder hit the NYC early morning and by the time we came back it was 10 at night and we are dead tired and we slept like dogs!!
One of the nicest part was that I met with my one of the best and long lost friend, Nishant. We were in the school together and he came to the US for graduation just after the we completed our school. So, I met him after some 12 yrs (damn, I still don't believe it's been so long since we were in school). It was so much fun catching up with him, I was literally in tears when I saw him (though I did not admit that to him :). I am hoping to visit NYC real soon again when I will be staying over for a couple of nights at Nishant's place, really looking forward to that!
We had loads of fun, went all around the times square, empire state and so on. I also shopped a lot at the ToysRus store at the Times square for my daughter. I am hoping she will like watever I bought for her. 
All and all, it was the trip and I was looking forward to this one for so so so glad I finally made it!!

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