Monday, January 12, 2009

New times, new age, new bond, new salvage...Happy New Year!

Am I am being too philosophical here?? Well, yes and no...details follow but let me start off with wishing everyone a prosperous 2009!! May this year comes with less (I wish I could say "no" instead but deep down I know that will not be!) terrorism, less strikes, less political crap, even less politician crap (dunno if they are the same), more happiness, more hope, greater vision and a happy nation.

The year did not start off though with what I wished for in the first para. There was blast in Assam on the day 1 of the year, then there was Satyam saga which continues till day, and then the strike by Oil PSUs and Trucker's union. Not to mention the 26/11 drama with Pakistan continues with both side talking more than doing anything substantial on the ground. I don't wanna say much here but I really feel that I am living in some sort of a jungle where anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can stand put, pull out a trigger and hold my life at ransom. Be it the government, the private player, neighbour country or the well established IT organisation...u name it and my country has it!! 

And my assessment remains the same, we are too used to all kind of crap now to react to anything under the sun. We fail to raise our voice, we fail to react in a way that matters, we fail to learn from our mistakes, and we fail to do ourselves or our country proud. This post is fast becoming another crib post of mine but this is the only way I can get my vent out!!

Is there hope, I don't know to be honest but I hope and pray for the HOPE!

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