Saturday, May 15, 2010


WOW, what a week!!!!
continuing from where I left, we (me and Banerjee) reached NYC on Sunday, May-09 from where I left to Wilmington to meet one of our client teams and it was quite an eventful visit. Work accompanied by pleasure is always good, and it was this time as well. I met some amazing colleagues of mine and we had so much fun, with a loads of work and business as well :)
Back from Wilmington to NJ and went to meet one of my long time friend (Vijay, I hope I can call you that) and my boss to see his famous and lavish apartment. Our initial reaction was like let me describe his apartment, bang on the Hudson river overlooking at Manhattan on one side and statue of liberty on the other. Another round of drinks and long night chat and back back to NYC.
Now is my last week in the US and I am off to Atlanta tomorrow to meet my family and a week of vacation, can't wait to meet my darlings...babes, here I come...

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

In the US, having fun!!!!

I am currently in the US, off to NYC and laving loads of fun, here is the story so far...
I started my travel on 30-April to Chicago via New York. I was very skeptical as I was travelling Air India for the first time on long haul. I must say Air India did surpised me, pleasently i.e. :) The food was good, the plane was brand new and clean, the hostess were very pleasant etc etc.
I reached Chicago for a 1 week training (management training!!). Yeah, I know what you are thinking but there was another surprise, the training was really GOOD, it was one of very few instances where I came out asking for more :) I met some amazing new people and co-workers. I also met my career counsellor for the first time and that was quite an experience as well. He is a very interesting person and he has influenced me in more than 1 way in those 3 meetings, thanks Raj!
From Chicago, I went to Bloomington to spend the weekend with 3 friends. We had soooo much fun, cooked, boozed around and chatted till late nights. It was like back in my college days and nothing to worry for 2 nights. Thanks Shaleen, Banner, and Gunjan!
I am off to NYC tomorrow and will keep you posted...more to come...

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