Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Are you a crappy programmer?

Well, according to Damien Katz you are if you can relate to the practices he points out in his post. I guess everyone of us have been through times when we do crappy progeramming for reasons which we realize later were equally crappy. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and make sure to avoid them going forward.

Interestimg read though!! My favourite points:

  • Your users are stupid. Really stupid. You can't believe how stupid they are, they constantly forget how to do simplest things and often make dumb mistakes with your applications. You never consider maybe it's your application that’s stupid because you're incapable of writing decent software.
  • You take great pride in the high volume of code you write. Being productive is good, unfortunately producing lots of lines of code isn't quite the same as being productive. Users never remark "Wow, this software may be buggy and hard to use, but at least there is a lot of code underneath." Far from being productive, spewing out tons of crap code slows down other devs and creates a huge maintenance burden for the future.
  • Copy and paste is great, it helps you write decoupled code! You defend your use of copy and paste coding with odd arguments about decoupling and removing dependencies, while ignoring the maintenance drag and bugs code duplication causes. This is called "rationalizing your actions".

Friday, May 05, 2006

Places you should (not) use AJAX

Alex Bosworth offers his list of10 Places You Must Use Ajax and a few more places where you shouldn’t use this fancy JavaScript trick. Quite a nice read!!!