Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mohe Rang De Basanti Yaara

I was preety late but at last I saw "Rang De Basanti" last weekend. To say the least, it is a fantabulous movie, not to be missed under any circumstances. I came out of the theatre all charged up, wanting to make a change to the society and all that.

Then reality stuck me. Will there be a time in our country where there will be no corrupt politician, bureaucrats, policemen.....the list is exhaustive. I think where we lack is the self discipline. So, the next time a traffic cop asks you for bribe or your income tax officer asks his cut to make things better....think. Is this the kind of society you want to inculcate for your children?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Engage with Flash

Adobe has just launched an interactive video piece "Engage with Flash" that highlights the proliferation of Flash on mobile phones and consumer electronic devices.

It includes seven scenarios which demonstrate the many ways a user can interact with Flash enabled devices on a daily basis…using everything from a phone to a car to a TV and more.

via[Flash Devices]

Friday, February 24, 2006

Former Macromedia VP patents most RIAs

Just found out that Neil Balthaser has apparently patented Rich Internet Applications. I don't see how the patent supports Neil's reported claim in the above article: “The broader claim is one that basically says that if you got a rich Internet application, it is covered by this patent.”

The patent appears to be specifically about the sort of service that Balthaser.com provides. In other words, a web-based application for building web applications. So fortunately, not all Rich Internet Applications, because not all web applications are created via other web applications/tools like Balthaser's so-called Pro:Fx.

Oh yes, and Neil Balthaser used to work for Macromedia as a "VP of Flash Strategy".

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yahoo! releases User Interface library

Yahoo! has released it's User Interface library and Design Pattern library under an Open-Source license(BSD).

I have seen UI library which consists of utility classes and widgets(ui controls).

If you are into RIA development and looking for AJAX as an option, you should look at the Connection Manager along with other classes.

You can also look at Y! UI Blog.