Friday, March 26, 2010

1st Day @ Nursery School

Day before was my daughter's first day at the nursery school. I am not sure if you've been reading this blog regularly but this is the end of about 6 months of exercise and running around. School selection, filling, submitting application, interactions, lists, lucky draws, fees payment etc etc so glad it's over and done with!! PHEW!!!
Also, I think we were extremely lucky in the process; our daughter got through all but 2 schools which was a very pleasant surprise and then choosing between the schools was not that difficult. My wife was instrumental in getting all this done, I was not able to give time due to the office chores and she was the one draining herself out. Also, need to thank Shaleen, a friend and a colleague and support and helping us taking the final decision. Thanks bro!
I think now the difficult part begins...I am sure there will be a lot of conversations, controversies, issues, problems in the next 14 yrs of schooling., but as I said earlier one bit is done, another one on the way!!!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My baby Graduates...

from the play school i.e. WOW!!!

I never work a graduation gown EVER, but my 3 yr old daughter already has a photograph in a graduation gown while I am not prepared at all looking at her like that!!! Well, times are changing and time for me to change or bend my rules I guess :(