Saturday, August 23, 2008

Left alone in the sun!

One of my very good friend, Amit is leaving IBM and I am really feeling this awkward pain in my stomach. We have worked together before at GE, but the IBM stint was different. Not only did we integrated well professionally, we also came close as a family. Both of us with our wives and kids have had some real fun time lately. I also have learned so much from him during recent time.
Brother, am gonna miss you a lot and I hope we do get a chance of working with you again. We will be in touch for sure. Best of luck for your future and I know you will go great guns where ever u may be!!
Update: Amit has joined back Genpact in the Business Development function of their Learning competency. He will be heading a product line for the same.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

ERP Training - It's HOT!!!

I've been with the e-Learning (read online Training) industry for over 10 yrs now. The industry has evolved in these years from being just creating page turners to interactive to "Content is King" to "Context before Content" to simulations to 4-Tier Blended learning (BTW, this is patented by IBM). While we see a lot of technical (Java, C++ etc) and soft skills (we created 6 hrs e-Learning induction programme while at Infosys!) e-Learning content, these days ERP trainings seems to be the hot topic in our industry.
So what is ERP training some may ask? Organisations like IBM, Oracle, Accenture implement ERP software like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards etc. for large organisations. While implementing ERP is no doubt a big task for any org, training that organisation's employees to use that ERP software is a greater challenge as it has been experienced in the recent past.
So how do we train these employees effectively to use the new ERP software? We have seen lot of training cos. creating WBT or CBT or ILT for delivering training. While it may be partially successful, it has been observed that what works best is the Blended Learning solution. What it means is that you have the basic overview trainings through WBT, then have classroom sessions where the instructor teaches the topics at length and then the learner practices in the simulated environment to get the hands on view of the software.
I would like to hear some views on what you think of the above, there may be situations where you took a different approch and succeded, I would love to hear about them.

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