Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reincarnation of my blog!!!

It's been really really long since I last came here. The last year has been quite amazing in all sense of the word :) I changed my job in Aug'09 and joined the whole new world of Management Consulting, at least I thought it was the whole new world ;) It is quite different from the world i have been used to for the last 4 yrs at IBM, the first and the foremost was the personal life which took the hit! I was used to WFH atleast 3 days a week while at IBM, my family was so used to seeing them at home. These days I have to go to office everyday, sometimes on Saturday as well.
Of course, my online life took a beating as well, Post coming back from the long rip to the US in May,I hardly got any time for the blog posts. My friends have been pestering me to write stuff, updates, etc...but honestly, no time at all. I have so much to say, so much to share, I guess I need some serious sessions on time management.
Anyways, new job brought new challenges and new learnings of course. Some of it has been overwhelming and very difficult to cope with at times. Having said that, I am very exited and learn, to contribute, to make a positive change, so copy book.
I will try and keep my bog alive, I hate to see it stale and would try and make sure there are some updates. Look forward to the excitement and happy blogging!!

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